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If you have any product or service that you sell, this chat service will work for you!

Whether increasing site engagement, conversion rate optimization, or troubleshooting issues on our client's sites, we have not found another service that can do what can do. We believe in it so much, that we have made it an SOP to add it to all sites we market. Forget the gimmicky new "tricks" of Digital Marketing and focus on what your clients need; clear communication. I am proud to have on our client's sites and even our own.

Top 6 Benefits & Why You REALLY Need 24/7 Chat Staffing

Know Why People Aren't
Buying Or Subscribing

With 24/7 Live Chat, your visitors will start engaging in conversations with our chat operators. A significant number of these visitors wouldn't have filled out your contact us forms. Our Chat Operators make it a point to nicely ask your visitors about any issues or problems they might be having. This will allow you fine tune your offering.

Loaded with Heaps of
Analytics Data

If you are a number or a data person, you love data! Our system fires back loads of Data & stats to your Google Analytics account. You'll see live chat conversion insights that will help you fine tune your marketing campaigns.

REAL-TIME Visitor transfer
to Your Phone

When we engage your visitors on chat, we offer them the option to speak with your staff right there & then. If they agree, you'll be on a call with your visitor in REAL-TIME as they chat with us. Can the visitor OR lead be any warmer? This is called Chat 2 Call.

Add the Human Touch
to Your Website

People love interacting with People rather than static contact us forms. Our Chat Operators will engage in rich conversations every time a new visitor lands on your website

Let Potential Visitors

You get Dedicated Texting Number for your website. When someone sends a text to that number, our operators will respond in real-time. You can add that number to your marketing collateral & see more engagements pouring in. This is called SMS 2 Chat.

We Engage While You
Sleep & Relax

No matter what time of the day or the year, we are engaging and diving into chat conversations with your visitors while you relax OR on a vacation or taking a sleep.

Facebook Messenger
Chat is Covered

Our Chat Operators will even monitor your Facebook messenger chats 24/7. Just like a web chat, we will convert leads from Facebook and send them your way. No extra cost.

We Integrate With the CRMs & the
Software You Already Love

No matter what CRM or Software you use. We've got it all covered. Chat Transcripts + Captured Leads will land into your systems the moment we capture them for you.

Immediate Delivery &
Text Notification

We'll notify you immediately via Text & Email when there's a chat interaction needing your attention.


Live Chats Handled


Leads Generated


Businesses Being Served

How We Multiply Your Visitor Engagement

When a Visitor Arrives
A Proactive Invitation is Fired
The Conversation Begins!!

When a Visitor Arrives              A Proactive Invitation is Fired             The Conversation Begins!!

  • Hi, do you need any assistance with your personal injury case?
  • Yes. I was in an accident about 2 months ago. My car was totaled. According to the police report, the other party was at fault. I have no physical injuries. Just headaches for a month.
  • I am sorry to hear this happened. May I have your first and last name, please?
  • Kevin Johnson.
  • Thanks, Kevin. May I know when and what city/state did this take place in?
  • June 24. Sunnyvale, CA. I was driving straight ahead. No stop sign, no traffic light. Car in opposite direction made a left turn, and I hit the car. 2 air bags were deployed. My arms were numb for a few hours. Unable to release seat belt. Went to ER.
  • Thank you for the details, Kevin. I recommend you speak with one of our Attorneys who can review your case details and provide you with options moving forward. In order to assist you better may I have your phone number and email address, please?
  • Sure. 408-***-****, k********@*****
  • Thanks. May I know what is the best time during the day when our staff can call you to discuss this further?
  • Now is a good time.
  • Sure thing! I can connect you with our office right away for further assistance. May I connect you using the number you just provided?
  • Yes, that would be great!
  • Alright. Just a moment while I am attempting to connect you with our office.
  • I am connected. Thanks for all your help today.
  • You're welcome. Thank you for contacting us.

  • Greeting A welcome message to initiate the chat. It’s customizeable.
  • Assistance Needed Visitor shares basic details of what the assistance is required for.
  • Name of VisitorAgent gets visitor’s first and last name.
  • Location/Region Confirmation of location in order to determine if it falls within the actual service area.
  • Lead Information The most important part, contact information is taken.
  • Scheduling/Appointment Preference The agent confirms the best time slot for either a visit or a call from the office.
  • Attempt Live Call Connect Ensuring visitor's convenience, a call is placed to connect them with the office then and there.
  • Ending/Closing The statement taking the chat session towards end.

With 24/7 Live Chat Added To Your Website, You Will MULTIPLY the Visitor Engagement & add more clients.


White Labeled Live Chat Dashboard

Our Custom Built Live Chat Dashboard will show you every single interaction we've had with your visitors. We can even Brand it with your company logo.

Dedicated Texting

You'll get a unique 24/7 texting number (resembling your area code) that you can add to your marketing material. When someone sends a text to this number, we will reply & start a conversation in a flash.

Live Call

We will WOW your visitors by connecting them with your staff on the phone WHILE they are Chatting with us in REAL-TIME.


We can fire customized greeting messages to your visitors to maximize engagements & conversions.

World Class
Chat Software

Our Chat Software delivers the highest caliber of User Experience & Engagement. Unlike the competition, your website's performance or speed will not have the slightest load impact.


You can change your Chat Response Script as many times as you like by getting in touch with our support team that's available 24/7.

Custom CRM + Zapier
Integration + Webhooks

We can transfer your completed chats to any CRM or to Zapier or to a Webhook.

Robust Analytics

Our Live Chat System separately fires back chat + lead related goals & events data to your Google Analytics account in REAL-TIME.


The Chat Starter
  • Includes 50 Chat Credits
  • $2/Extra Chat
  • Chat Software Included
  • 24/7 Live Chat Agents
  • 24/7 Live Call Transfer
  • Dedicated Text 2 Chat
  • Custom CRM Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • White Label Chat Branding
  • Custom Developer Support
  • No Setup Fee
  • Post-Paid Billing
The Chat Standard
  • Includes 100 Chat Credits
  • $2/Extra Chat
  • Chat Software Included
  • 24/7 Live Chat Agents
  • 24/7 Live Call Transfer
  • Dedicated Text 2 Chat
  • Custom CRM Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • White Label Chat Branding
  • Custom Developer Support
  • No Setup Fee
  • Post-Paid Billing
The Chat Pro
  • Includes 200 Chat Credits
  • $2/Extra Chat
  • Chat Software Included
  • 24/7 Live Chat Agents
  • 24/7 Live Call Transfer
  • Dedicated Text 2 Chat
  • Custom CRM Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • White Label Chat Branding
  • Custom Developer Support
  • No Setup Fee
  • Post-Paid Billing
The Chat Star
  • Includes 500 Chat Credits
  • $2/Extra Chat
  • Chat Software Included
  • 24/7 Live Chat Agents
  • 24/7 Live Call Transfer
  • Dedicated Text 2 Chat
  • Custom CRM Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • White Label Chat Branding
  • Custom Developer Support
  • No Setup Fee
  • Post-Paid Billing

Still Want to Compare Us with the Competition?

If you plan to, don’t forget to ask them these questions…

Do you have a 24/7 Live Call Transfer System so I can talk to my visitors in real-time?

Do you provide a dedicated TEXT 2 Chat number so my visitors can even text me and get responded to in real-time?

Do you have a Post-Paid Billing System?

Will you auto shift my pricing package to the next tier if I reach the limit of chats?

Can you white label the entire chat service?

Can you manage my Facebook Chats 24/7?

Can you transfer Goals Related Data to My Google Analytics?

Do you provide a Custom Integration with my legacy CRM?

Are you ready to BOOST web engagements?

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4 That's it! Watch the Engagements
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What Makes TheChat24 Different

30-minute turn-around
time support

No matter what update you need, our Dedicated Support team will perform requested updates/changes to your account and get back within 30 minutes. If the requested change takes onger than this, we will always let you know about an ETA.

Ongoing Chat
FAQ Updates

To Deliver an engaging & rich Chat user experience, we constantly update our FAQ's that are built for your website. When a new question comes in that we don't know about, we connect with you instantly to update our chat questions.

Customized Chat Solution With Developer Support

We have a dedicated team of developers that works closely with our clients to deliver custom solutions. Custom Integrations with CRMs & legacy system, UI/UX changes to Chat Windows are all taken care of by our in-house team of developers.

Still not sure about it?

If you aren't sure we are the right fit for you, do this:

Sign up for a 7-day RISK FREE Trial (we don't need any commitments from you)

Give us 72 hours to engage visitors on Your Website & give that promised engagement BOOST.

If nothing changes, take off our code and let us know we did terrible.

Here's What Will Happen if You decide NOT to add
24/7 Live Chat Staffing

Your Frustration with your Marketing Teams will increase. They will keep spending more on Ads while it wouldn't make ROI sense.

You will always WONDER why potential customers visit your website, but leave without signing up or buying.

You will face a Burn Out in terms of Advertising Budget and Will LOOSE the Ability to SCALE Online.

Give us one chance to be your GAME CHANGER!

And Now The FAQs...

How fast can I expect results?

Typically within 48 hours of going live, you will start seeing an increased chat interaction rate resulting in more conversions.

How will I be billed?

At the start of each month, we will send you an invoice with the Past Month usage. You will get 15-days to pay the invoice using a Credit Card or Bank Transfer. All credit cards accepted via our secure payment gateway.

What is a Qualified Lead?

A chat interaction in which our operators have successfully captured visitor contact information along with other qualification questions that you will define.

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course! Drop us an email and we will cancel your service right away. No questions asked.

Can I white label your Chat Service?

Yes! Digital Marketing Agencies use our service to earn a steady stream of recurring cash every month. We will brand our chat service with your company logos etc. Click here to chat with our team about more on this.

Will I pay separately for the Chat Software?

No! Everything is included in the Pay Per Interaction OR Pay Per Lead pricing that you will receive from us. Click here to chat with an operator to get your pricing.

Can you use my chat software?

Due to tons of complexities involved, we can't.

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